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Arts leaders call for more school funding ->

The Tate and the Royal Shakespeare Company want an "arts premium" for England's schools.

(Tue, 16 Oct 2018 01:05:17 GMT)

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Which? testing reveals 'unsafe' child stair gates ->

Consumer group Which? urges parents not to use three models of stair gates, saying they could be unsafe.

(Mon, 15 Oct 2018 17:13:56 GMT)

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If you were lonely, would you talk to a stranger? ->

In a bid to tackle loneliness, a supermarket wants people in its cafes to start a conversation.

(Mon, 15 Oct 2018 16:36:11 GMT)

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School turns around truancy rate ->

A school in Manchester has gone from some of the worst truancy rates to best attendance records

(Sat, 13 Oct 2018 23:17:15 GMT)

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Children 'should be weighed up to age 18', report says ->

A report by child health experts warns England is falling behind other countries unless policies change.

(Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:23:45 GMT)

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Cineworld stops mum with baby at Star is Born screening ->

Catherine Buckley, 37, attempted to watch Lady Gaga hit A Star is Born with her four-week-old.

(Thu, 11 Oct 2018 10:52:41 GMT)

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Jeremy Corbyn: Schools should cover 'role and legacy' of British Empire ->

The Labour leader says future generations should be taught about the struggle for racial equality.

(Thu, 11 Oct 2018 12:24:16 GMT)

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Australia to stop religious schools rejecting gay students ->

Faith schools will no longer be allowed to discriminate, the PM says amid sharp debate on the issue.

(Sat, 13 Oct 2018 10:02:32 GMT)

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David Malengela: Police hunt teacher banned for claiming extra cash ->

David Malengela charged pupils 20 euros each just to board a school coach, a misconduct panel found.

(Fri, 12 Oct 2018 13:43:00 GMT)

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Ofsted inspectors to move away from exams results focus ->

The education watchdog announces plans to move towards a more rounded education inspection system.

(Thu, 11 Oct 2018 10:12:10 GMT)

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Sport used as a weapon against Essex gangs ->

A PE teacher has set up a sports project to discourage young people from joining gangs.

(Tue, 09 Oct 2018 01:54:08 GMT)

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Festival organised in honour of disabled teenager ->

Unable to attend mainstream festivals, a 16-year-old girl has one organised in her honour.

(Thu, 11 Oct 2018 03:18:27 GMT)

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