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GIRL: honey there is something i want us to talk about, it's serious..
BOY: Please don't tell me you are pregnant!
GIRL: I'm coming to stay with you coz you know my mum will be mad at me and will not allow me to stay with her once she found out am pregnant.*sob*
BOY: Listen and listen good.. I don't wanna know.. I always give you the money to buy E- pills.
GIRL: But...but it can happen by accident..*sobbing*
BOY: Accident my foot! Listen i dont want to see your face in this house again. Let me not see you come here again.
GIRL: OMG!! So thats how heartless you are huh?? THANK GOD AM NOT PREGNANT!
BOY: Baby you know.....
GIRL: Shut up! And as u said, you will never see my face in your house again..
BOY: Am sorry baby.

Describe the boy in one word.

Thank's for read my article MY FOOT....LOL LOL LMAO......
Created at 2013-07-21 13:16:49
Tags: Funny , Sms

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Comments: MY FOOT....LOL LOL LMAO......
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Category : Love | Inspirational | Funny | Daily Quotes

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