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Akpors was owing his landlord, 3years house rent.

Akpors always come back at nights and he will sneek through the window and enter his room every night.

The landlord could not be able to get him at day time, so he decided to call him on phone.

grin......grin. ....grin....., that is akpors phone ringing.

Akpors noticed that it's his landlord that is calling him on phone.

Akpors changed his voice and he picked-up the call.

Akpors: Hello....this is "G.S.M"....Gene ral- Service-moc huary..

If you need an ambulance press 1.

If you have a dead body with you press 2.

If your mother is dead and you want us to send an ambulance to you press 3.

If you your child is dead press 4.

we also have many seize of coffin, To get one for your self press 5.

Or press 0 to talk to one of our costomers representative' s.

Landlord: abeg na wrong number oooooo.

Thank's for read my article AKPORS AND THE LANDLORD
Created at 2013-12-01 01:36:22
Tags: Akpos , Funny , joke , Sms

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Category : Love | Inspirational | Funny | Daily Quotes

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