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  1. HAUSA man who removed his shoes to enter a taxi.....
  2. IGBO man who went to the bank with a spanner to open a bank account.
  3. YORUBA man who went to bed with a ruler just to know how long he slept
  4. A TIV man who watched the news and waved at the news reader.
  5. AN EFIK nurse who woke up a sleeping patient simply because she forgot to give him sleeping pills....
  6. AN IGALA man who lowered his TV volume because he wanted to read a text message..
  7. AN IKWERE man who polished his shoes to take a passport photo.
  8. AN ISOKO man who climbed a mango tree to check if the mango was ripe enough then came down and started stoning it.....
  9. A FULANI man who chose to drink Fanta because he thought sprite was unripe
  10. A GWARI man who saw something that looked like shit, touched n tasted n said "Hmmm" na shit ooo!!! Thank God I no match am....
  11. AN IDOMA man who put his radio inside the refrigerator because he wanted to listen to Cool FM...

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Category : Love | Inspirational | Funny | Daily Quotes

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