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Policeman: Akpos, how did you kill 47 people in a car accident?

Akpos: I dey driving at about 40mph, when I tried to stop I found that my breaks no dey work again.

So I saw 2 men walking on the street and a wedding on the other side of the street, na where i go turn to?

Policeman: Of course the 2 men, less damage.
Then what happened?

Akpos: na wetin I think o, but when I did it, na only one person i hit and the other one ran to the wedding, so i pursue the other one go the wedding...

Thank's for read my article FOOLISH AKPORS
Created at 2013-12-01 02:03:43
Tags: Akpos , Funny , Naija , Sms

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Category : Love | Inspirational | Funny | Daily Quotes

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