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How To Create a Wapsite
    You can create an attractive and nice looking mobile site right from your mobile phone!!

    If your handset supports GPRS then it will be more easy for you to create a mobile site with it!

    I just want to let you know that you can earn much money with your site, but it all depends on how serious and hardworking you are.
Are you ready to own a wapsite now? If yes, you are on a right place.
Become an xt wapmaster
Feel free to create your own wapsite using by following below steps

    Log on to, Click on "Sign Up", then another page comes up.

    Choose your desired site name and sub domain, fill up the sign up form and hit "sign up" button.

    Immediately you complete the registration you will be able to visit your site as

    To start designing your xtgem site You will need to log in to with your username and password,
    Click on " CREATE" to start designing your site.

    Usefull Tips
    1. Choose good site name. You should choose a name which best describe and suits the services you offer

    2. Avoid the use of complicated site name.

      Make it as short as possible and easy to remember.

      Never use long url like

    3. Create your (CSS) without background image or animation to load your pages faster.
      Remember that not all your visitors are using Opera Mini, Ucweb, etc. most of them uses their phone's default / native browser.

    4. Avoid adding large images to your site.
      It will take time to load the page as a result of the page size.
      Recommended page size is 20kb and below

    5. Make your site user- friendly.
      Put the proper link title so as to avoid your visitors from getting confused.

    6. Do not use too much colours in your site. It may hurt the eyes of your visitors. If you use black background, use white text color.

    7. Avoid adding fake links which redirect to toplists.
      Visitors may get irritated and will never return to your site.

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