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Welcome to wapmasters tutorial zone.
Get basic tutorials on how you can create, design, promote, manage and make money with your own site.


Do you know that you can make huge amount of money with your mobile site?

Follow these quick and easy tips on how to make dollars with your site.
There are various ways in which you can make money with your mobile site, but basically in this tutorial, we will talk on how to
make money through mobile advertising.

  1. Tip One. Provide your visitors with quality products and services, to ensure continuous traffic in your site, this is the most important tip.
  2. Tip Two. Choose the advertising company that publishes the type of content you offers in your site,
    i.e if you have adult contents in your site, choose a network that publishes adult ads.

  3. Tip Three. Check their method of payment to ensure that you can easily get your revenue from them.

    NB: Most Ads. companies pay through Paypal which is not supported in many countries.

    Other methods of payment include:

    • Bank transfer (wire transfer)
    • Western Union
    • WebMoney
    • Recharge card (airtime)

  4. Tip Four. Check the type of ads. code that can function in your site.
    NB: Most of them provides only php script code which may not function in your site.
    Though some sites like and has made it easier for their users by converting those php scripts to simple html code.
    In this way you can select your ads. network from a dropdown menu, add your publisher's id and click ok.

    List of ads. companies that are supported in xtgem

    • google adsense

Use below code to display ads. in your xtgem site.

<xt:ad type="ads_company's_name" site="your_site_id" />

For Google adsense

For Smaato

For Mojiva

Feel free to include as many ads. service codes as you want on your site, max two per page.

Use below code to display two ads. in one page.

The code will display two different ads. in one page.

Use this for buzzcity graphic banner ads.

To display 2, 3 or 4 different banners, use this.

Thank's for read my article HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR SITE
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2014-09-27 18:07:30

Improve your English......

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2014-05-08 22:55:51

Thanks for your help am just a beginner and don't know much about the xtgem html codes and i would like you to help please

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